Speak your migraine

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Speak your migraine

It's hard living with migraine. But sometimes it's even harder to talk about it, especially with those who've never experienced an attack. Take a look at these resources to get a better understanding of how to talk about migraine with friends, family and colleagues. Discover your voice and get the care and support you need.

Håndtere migrene

Migraine management

It can be frightening to experience a migraine attack,1 but with the help of your doctor you can better manage living with migraine. Here are things that can help prevent or alleviate the severity of your attacks.

Leve med migrene

Living with migraine

Migraines can affect all aspects of your life, but there are ways to ease the challenges of living with migraine.

Om migrene

About migraine

Get an overview of what migraine is, how it affects your well-being and treatment options.

Tools and resources

Get access apps, downloads, and other tools that can help you monitor your attacks and examine the impact of migraine on your life.

Tool and Resources Spot