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Assess your migraine

Take the MIDAS test to estimate how much migraine gets in the way of your daily life. The results can help you and your doctor understand how often and how severe your migraine attacks are.

Evaluering av migrene

Migraine Buddy app

More than a migraine journal

The Migraine Buddy app* helps users record and identify triggers, symptoms, frequency and duration, and pain intensity and location of their migraines, as well as other lifestyle factors and any medication taken. The migraine app then provides an accurate, easy to read summary which you can bring to your next doctor appointment.

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Find a migraine support group

Discover more about migraine as a condition and migraine management through patient advocacy groups around the world. A migraine support group can offer advice on living with migraine, as well as support to help you speak about your migraine to those around you.

International Headache Society

European Migraine & Headache Alliance

The Migraine Trust