Living with migraine

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Migraine management

Looking for tips on migraine management? Discover how to manage migraine, including a migraine diary to help you identify and avoid potential triggers.

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Migraine at work

Migraines can affect all aspects of your daily life, including work - Here we will discuss tips on how to minimize migraine at work and advice can you use to make your workplace as free from migraine triggers as possible.

How to talk to your doctor about migraines

Learn more on how to talk to your doctor about migraines here, including who to talk to and resources to help you describe your experience with migraine.

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Veiledning for hvordan du snakker med legen

Hear migraine stories

Migraines are sometimes painful and the experience can be difficult to explain. But you're not alone. Hear migraine stories from real people living with migraine.

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